4. July 2024

BKT IR-/Infrared Heating System

Energy saving is “the topic” of industry in Germany and Europe – and not just recently!

General energy costs influence processing and manufacturing costs in a wide range of industrial sectors.

Particularly in plastics processing, this increasingly contributes to whether a company can still produce profitably and secure and sustainably position the location (…Germany/Europe…).

With our BKT IR Heating System, the injection molder reduces the energy consumption in the plasticizing process by 25 to 70%, but the acquisition costs of this system remain reasonable and usually result in a short amortization period.

Bexte Kunststoff-Technik -BKT- is the partner for plastics processors and is traditionally strongly positioned in injection molding, but the BKT IR heating system is also used efficiently in a wide range of extrusion technology applications.

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What is the technology behind the product BKT IR Heating Systems?…you will find the answers and further information in our information flyer:


General information about the BKT IR/Infrared Heating System (pdf)